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Celebrate the captivating allure of Istanbul with this artist's book,Artist's Book Experimental Book Travel diary Mixed Media

Istanbul - A View Through The Window


Istanbul, Turkey


Mixed Media


2010- 2015

I am interested in the concept developed by Jacques Derrida, that writing is not the same for all men, nor is the spoken word, whereas all the states of the soul, of which these expressions are immediate signs – or images, are identical in us all.

Through this idea, I have discovered a way to translate my work on paper in the form of handmade books, whose symbolic material is essential for me, in combination with new calligraphy, botanical items, found objects and personal notes. The books that I make are hybrids between journals and artworks. By creating tangible artifacts like these art diaries, through the integration of various mediums, I aim to offer viewers a unique experience that invites them to delve into the dimensions of their own imagination and memory.

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