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Buba Studio, Zinnegasse 2, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


Buba Studio Drawings, Zinnegasse 2, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

My objects reflect some traditional techniques with contemporary style. I want to celebrate the handmade qualities and the imperfections in production processes as a source of variety and visual interest. A close relationship with nature and its elements is an omnipresent source of my inspiration.


Nature is essential in the current work, which induces an unlimited world that delights the senses by the strangeness of its borders. In this space-time, that is both frozen and totally open, the viewer’s gaze is a component. As an artist, I project my inner world into it, just as I escape from it through contemplation, forgetting myself in the infinite meanders of a sometimes-transfigured nature. 


Studio Buba is also close to my personal life. “Buba”, Beetle, is the nickname of my youngest daughter. In ancient Egypt, Khepri the Scarab Beetle represents a meaning “to come into existence”. I want to give the impression that my creations oscillate between natural lifeforms and precious materials. They should comfort & inspire and seduce the viewer. As an artist my work is rooted in a deep understanding and appreciation of nature hoping that i can achieve a harmonious order like in nature.


buba studio

tel. +41 79 923 14 16
Zinnengasse 2
8001 Zurich

Zeljka Micanovic Miljkovic


After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata in Graphic art and getting a Master’s degree in Show styling at European Institute for design in Rome, my focus was to gather the traces of the cities through very intimate process of deconstruction.


My work is an ongoing installation at the intersection of space, the urban environment, nature, and the void. My inspiration derives from an intuitive process, at times emerging from very precise sources as a part of my ongoing research connected to memories of cities, nature, and literature. The combination of these various elements results in a kind of sensitive urban archaeology, related to an omnipresent obsession with windows and their integration into the urban context through time. 

Nature and literature resonate as one entity in my creative process.


By using formal and abstract language codes: symbols, free associations and introspection, my mental representations are sublimed into graphic images. Every piece of work is memorabilia of places I was living in, put into various visual narratives and forms.




2021 PhD at the Faculty of Technical Sciences,

Novi Sad University, Stage Design Department

2009 member of ULUPUDS, Association of Artists and Designers for Applied Arts in Serbia

2009 European Institute for Design in Rome, Italy. Masters Degree in Show Styling

2008 Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, Italy. Bachelor&Masters degree in Fine Art Graphics




2023 FIGURATION group show at Mana Contemporary ESKFF foundation curated by Johan Wahlstrom

2021 Anna Schmid Gallery, solo exhibition, Basel

2021 “Leichtigkeit”, solo exhibition, MATERIAL, Zurich

2020 “In search of the ideal City: A Window to the Surreality“, solo exhibition, part of the final project for doctoral art thesis, Gallery 73, Belgrade

2020 “Operabook”, group exhibition, Library Hans Glauber, Toblach (Italy)

2020 “Blickfang”, Design fair, presentation of Atelier ZeM, Basel

2019 “Nestali”, international exhibition who missed the war in former Yugoslavia

Dedicated to people and in collaboration with the Red Cross, the Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka, the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade and the Faculty of technical sciences originated in Novi Sad.

2018 Sv(j)etlost koje se s(j)ecam, solo exhibition, Yunus Emre Enstitüsü,

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2018 Peti prozor- svijet mog djetinjstva, solo exhibition,

International studio of Ismet Mujezinovic, Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)





2022 Plaque May Exhibition, Museum of City of Belgrade, Belgrade

2007 Plaque Golden Pen from Belgrade for the bibliophile edition of the book

“Great expectations”, International Biennial of Illustration Golden Pen

2005 Award for the painting Ma ci sta tutto nella medaglia d`oro,

Exhibition Macerata Fair Play 2005.

2004 Award for the illustration of the book Invisible Cities,

Biennial of Illustration Renzo C. Ventura, Colmurano




2021 owner and designer in the studio gallery Atelier ZeM (from 2023 Buba Studio) in Zinnengasse, Zurich

2015/16 assistant for art graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata (Italy)

2005 Illustrations for childrens book “Lazo pomagaj”, department for textbooks andteaching aids, Belgrade (Serbia)

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